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By , June 30, 2014

Spring is coming!

It’s time to start growing your garden!

With the warm weather lately you can definately tell that spring is on the way. No doubt your spring flowering bulbs like Snodrops, Crocus, Daffodils, and Tulips have started to emerge from their winter sleep and are starting to get ready to flower. There are also many shrubs like Camellias, Hammamaelis (witch Hazel), and Mahonia that have started to bloom. Of course you can also add colour to your garden with winter flowering plants like Cyclamen, Pansies, or Primula.

If you don’t want to get outside quite yet there are many gardening tasks that you can do indoors to prepare for spring. You can purchase seeds for your flower or vegetable garden. You can also start your Begonia tubers indoors for summer blooms.

Our stores are open seven days a week. For our complete store hours click here.

News & Events

Spring Seminars

February 16th, 2015

Spring is Coming! Are you Ready?

Are you interested in learning more about gardening?Pruning

Our store hosts a series of gardening classes and seminars throughout the spring. We have just posted the schedule for February and March. Our first seminar is this Saturday February 21st at 10:30 am and it is about how to prune your fruit trees and fruiting bushes.

For more information about this and other seminars click here.

Please note: all seminars and classes are held at our Surrey store.

Tuberous Begonias

February 6th, 2015

It is time to Start Your Tuberous Begonias!

Begonias come in two different types; tuberous or fibrous. Tuberous begonias are started from an established root called a tuber. Fibrous begonias are started from seed. Tuberous begonias are started indoors in February and March. You should start the tubers in sterile Potting Soil or Starter Mix rich in peat moss in pots or trays.

You can choose from a wide selection of Belgian hybrid tubers as well as many specialty and novelty varieties.

For more information about how to grow tuberous begonias download our information sheet here.


January 12th, 2015

Heavenly Helleborus!

Helleborus, or Christmas Rose, are an easy to grow perennial that bloom continuously for many months. Some varieties start in early December and can bloom until March. They grow best in a dry shady location. They are fairly disease resistant, drought tolerant, and deer resistant. For more information about growing Helleborus click here.

Winter Pansies

January 12th, 2015

Winter Pansies are Ready to Plant!

Winter Pansies are a great way to add colour to your garden from October to April. Pansies come in a variety of colours including shades of yellow, purple, lavender, mauve, orange, and black (dark purple). They will grow in a sunny location or a partially shady spot.


January 12th, 2015

Add colour to your winter garden with Primula!

If you are looking to add a little colour to your winter garden a fresh delivery of Primula have arrived. Also known as Primrose these hardy plants are great for adding colour to your pots, containers, and gardens. With a range of colours from Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow and White you can be sure to find the right colour for your garden. They make a great planting over your spring bulbs as they will not get in the way when your crocus, tulips, or daffodils grow through them. Be sure to stop by and check out the colours we have available for you.

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